Terms and Conditions

By visiting FXtradingkenya.com and utilizing its services online, the visitor agrees to the terms and conditions mentioned herewith.

  • General

All content that can be found on the website are properties of FXtradingkenya.com and should by no means be copied, shared, or used in whatever purpose without the consent of the site owners.

Should any user attempt to access confidential company information on the site, engage in spam, or other unauthorized activities, FXtradingkenya.com reserves the right to block the user’s profile and proceed with any necessary legal action.

  • Trading

On FXtradingkenya.com, the site serves as the agent mediating transactions between the user and third-party affiliate sites, which are the brokers.

All users must have a validated profile to be able to trade with the brokers on the site. FXtradingkenya.com may ask users for valid IDs to confirm their identity. Non-provision of required documents will be a violation of the terms of the site leading to a visitor not being able to use the site’s services.

If a user creates more than one account, the site has the authority to remove them from the system maintaining only one profile for active use.

  • Premiums and Withdrawals

Should a particular trade end with earnings, the broker will provide the premium to the user and FXtradingkenya.com will facilitate the payout.

Should there be a breach in the trade contract and the broker refuses to provide the premium the agent is not obligated to remit payment to the user. In addition, users with non-validated accounts will not be eligible for premium payments.

Upon the request for a withdrawal, the agent will transfer funds from the user’s online profile to his chosen remittance channel. Withdrawals may require up to 5 days to complete. The agent may withhold any charges from merchant facility fees.

  • Cookies

In order for you to have the best site experience at FXtradingkenya.com, we have to use cookies as you browse through our pages. Before anything else, do understand that cookies are not viruses so there is no need to fret.

Basically, a cookie on the Internet carries specific details about the user so that his or her online experience runs as smoothly as possible. It is a piece of code that identifies who you are and what your browsing preferences may be.

Using the information found in cookies, websites can customize their web pages to provide information that you may be interested in; like specific products or services in ad banners for example.

Cookies are also used by sites like ours that ask users like yourself to register. It helps us manage your IP address and other pertinent personal information, information that you chose to provide us with, and ensure their protection via encryption.

Some cookies expire automatically after you end your browsing session. In the case of cookies with longer expiration limits, you can wait for their time to run out or manually delete them from your hard drive.

  • Third-Party Advertising

You might encounter third-party advertising when you browse our pages but there is an opt-out option that you can choose if you no longer want to receive any advertising information when you visit FXtradingkenya.com.

  • Privacy Policy

We understand that maintaining one’s privacy online is essential and this is why we consider it as a high-priority matter.

When you visit FXtradingkenya.com and browse its pages, rest assured that we are taking all of the necessary precautions to ensure that your privacy will be protected at all times.

We are also working with different third-party websites that are linked to our pages but it is important for you to know that these sites have their own privacy policies in place.

Considering how their policies might be different from ours, we advise you to look them over as well. We also advise you not to visit any of these pages if you feel as if your privacy can be compromised via your online activity.

  • Contact

We are always available and interested to hear what you have to say. If you have any concern, feedback, or inquiry, then do not hesitate to drop us a line. You can do so using any of the methods that can be found on our contact page.

If you decide to send us an email, rest assured that we would only use your address to respond to your concerns. We will not use your email address to send you promotional material. In addition, we will not by any means share your contact information with third-party sites.